Excellent Exercises for Aging Joints | Executive Care of Morristown

It’s important for people of all ages to incorporate regular exercise into their daily routine. This is doubly important for aging seniors!

But how do you do that when your aging loved one has arthritis or severe mobility issues? Let’s start with some fun and effective low-impact exercises!

Walking: Back to Basics

Believe it or not, even walking is a form of exercise. This basic way of getting around has low impact on the joints and is great for the body and the heart.

Even those who are out of shape or have some limited mobility can be encouraged to get into the habit of walking over time. Squeezing in just 10 minutes of walking a day can make the difference between a somewhat active lifestyle and sedentary one.

Seated Strength Conditioning

Walking isn’t an option for every senior! Luckily, there are plenty of options for seniors who are wheelchair bound or limited by arthritis or degenerative disease.

Upper body chair exercises work well even with a limited range of motion. Start slow with some simple neck stretches and shoulder circles to warm up.

Once warmed up, strengthen the arm muscles with light weights—or canned goods in a pinch—by performing a seated row. Just draw the elbows back and squeeze the shoulder blades together. Engage the trapezius muscles with some slow shoulder rolls between sets.

Seated abdominal twists make a perfect end to a seated workout, allowing seniors to stretch and cool down their arm muscles while strengthening their core!

Water Workout Exercises

Swimming itself is a fun and popular low-impact full body workout! And seniors with limited mobility can take pool time to the next level by mixing in some swimming exercises for variety!

Seniors can strengthen their swimming propulsion and stretch their legs using a kick board or the side of the pool. Try quick and vigorous kicks or slow leg swings.

If limited leg or hip mobility is a problem, try standing or treading water to do some arm exercises, such as arm circles, arm curls or chest flies. Water weights can be used for some added resistance!

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