How Exercise Can Benefit Your Loved One | Executive Care of Morristown

Every person of every age can benefit from regular exercise, but for seniors, there’s a little added incentive. In fact, exercise offers older adults many benefits that promote a long, healthy life and good quality of living.

Physical Benefits of Exercising

If you’re looking for another reason to get regular physical activity, consider the many benefits of physical fitness:

Increase in strength. It’s a fact of life—as we get older, our mobility diminishes. But with regular exercise, the effects won’t be as significant.

Increase in energy. Exercise is known to increase blood flow and rid the body of stress hormones, leaving the body free to expend energy on other things.

Stronger immune system. Exercise can help boost a person’s immune system, making it easier to fend off minor and more significant illnesses.

Decrease in falls. Falls become more likely as we get older, for a number of reasons, including certain medications and medical conditions. But regular physical activity can help limit the risk of falling.

Improvement in chronic conditions. Many who suffer from chronic illnesses, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and mental health issues find their symptoms to be more manageable after implementing a regular exercise routine.

Lower blood pressure. Not only can exercise lower blood pressure for everyone, but it can also help those with chronic hypertension experience fewer symptoms.

Psychological Benefits of Exercising

Not only are there key physical benefits to exercise, but there are plenty of mental and brain-boosting benefits as well:

Improved mood. Exercise is a general mood enhancer and can lessen symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Improved focus. Being physically active can reduce a person’s risk of developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. It also improves cognition health overall.

Reduced stress. Exercise removes stress hormones in the body. This is great for our mental well-being, as well as decreasing blood pressure and heart issues.

Exercises Beneficial for Seniors

Any exercise is better than no exercise! But there are certain exercises experts recommend as being particularly beneficial to older adults:

  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

Any type of exercise that promotes balance will be helpful in reducing a person’s risk of falling, and strength training either with weights or body weight is also beneficial.

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