The Seniors’ Guide to Spring-Cleaning | Executive Care of Morristown

With the arrival of the spring season comes a well-known task: spring-cleaning.

Think age can negate the need for spring-cleaning? That just isn’t the case. There are plenty of ways seniors can participate in this process.

Simple-Cleaning Tips Your Loved One Can Use

One of the first goals of spring-cleaning can be going through and getting rid of clutter in the home. Organizing the clutter will not only help the home look better, but it is also beneficial for safety, as items that are scattered about could pose a fall hazard.

Are there piles of stuff throughout the house? It doesn’t matter if those piles are organized, there’s no time like the present to sort through them and decide what you still need and what can go.

Remember, if it hasn’t been used in the past year, it’s likely that the item can be thrown out, donated or sold. This includes things like clothes, decorations, bedding and home décor.

The medicine cabinet is another part of the home that could benefit from a bit of spring-cleaning. Many organizations host drug take-back days, and there also many online resources that can help you know how to properly dispose of medications.

If getting to a drug take-back day is difficult, your loved one can crush and pour pills/capsules into a sealable bag. That bag can then be filled with unappetizing materials like kitty litter, coffee grounds or dirt and then tossed out. You should also remove the identifiable information on the bottles/packaging to help keep medical information private.

Organizing important documents is another key part of spring-cleaning. This task should be a family job, as it could include important financial, health and other legal documents.

Knowing how to quickly find and access your loved one’s info, such as a durable power of attorney or advanced health care directive, is vital and can help reduce stress and streamline the process in many scenarios.

Most importantly, any senior who is starting the spring-cleaning process should know and recognize his or her limits. Some tasks might be difficult to pull off alone or could pose a risk of injury. There’s no shame in asking for help from family or utilizing in-home services.

Executive Care of Morristown can provide assistance through a variety of in-home care services, including those that help your loved one with tasks around the house. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the services we offer!