Leading the Good Life With Limited Mobility-Friendly Activities | Executive Care of Morristown

We know that those living with mobility issues can become frustrated by the limitations they deal with. There is still no reason why limited mobility has to bring your loved one’s way of life to a screeching halt.

U.S. Census numbers report 47 million seniors living in our country, and this means that there are plenty of mobility issues being experienced. A 2014 survey reported that 40% of those 65 and older have at least one disability. Of those, some two-thirds have issues with walking or climbing.

Don’t Let Mobility Issues Rain on the Parade

There is no reason why issues like arthritis, stroke or other injuries need to make boredom a common feeling for your loved one.

Here are five excellent ideas that can help keep him or her busy and active, both mentally and physically:

  1. Scrapbooking. There’s nothing better than putting old family photos into some creative scrapbooks. Your loved one will enjoy reliving those memories of old, and you can enjoy hearing some fun stories from the past.
  2. The great outdoors. We all love the boost being outdoors can provide, and elderly can be no different. Make sure your loved one is enjoying the warm summer months from shaded areas and isn’t overheating.
  3. Exercise. Limited mobility doesn’t mean exercise opportunities are gone, it just means trying some different routes. There are chair exercises and chair yoga classes your loved one could enjoy. There are even balance exercises for those using a walker.
  4. Bingo. Not only is bingo a fun day or night out for your loved one, but it is something that gives him or her the opportunity to get some quality socialization in, too.
  5. Creative activities. Things like painting, sculpting, crafts, etc. can be a way for your loved one to combat depression and anxiety.

Limited mobility does not have to be the end of your loved one’s fun.

Know that Executive Care of Morristown is always ready to step in and help make sure your loved one is leading the life he or she wants and deserves, right in the comfort of home. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our in-home care services.